Just to clarify, I am in no way, shape or form a Supermum.

What it comes down to, is that all mothers are amazing. That mum with the screaming toddler at the fancy restaurant, wow… Your kid is loud. Your frazzled because toilet training isn’t going so well, and the only night out you’ve had with your husband this year is with a tantrum throwing little shit. Man, babysitters are expensive! But you keep your cool, even when people start throwing those ‘why would you bring her to a restaurant’ stares. Seriously, you are awesome. You are all awesome.

Being a mum of twins is really not overly different than being a mum of one. Everything you do just times it by two really. As I write this, one of my boys is playing with a light switch and the other is slapping him on the back. I’m sitting on the couch with a long black. First tip when you have twins, get addicted to coffee if you’re not already. Twin mums have a certain understanding for each other, we can’t explain how it’s different to being a mum of one, because unless we had one before, we really have no idea.

Sometimes, when I’ve bathed my two, picked one up and slid the other one under my arm then finally got them to bed in one piece, I like to picture myself as Superwoman. Seriously, cape and all. Don’t have the boobs for the costume though. Because bathing and getting twins to bed is like that, it’s an achievement close to a Pulitzer Prize.

My hope is that this blog will make you laugh and maybe give you some tips on the everyday challenges of raising twins. It’s easy to go in blind when you’re expecting two, as most baby books cater to having one.

Oh, and don’t take your kids to a fancy restaurant if I’m there.


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